Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Dr. Weir went to medical school with the goal of being a Psychiatrist and then a Psychoanalyst. After
psychiatry residence and 6 years of Psychoanalytic training he moved back home to Birmingham. While
honing his psychotherapy skills in the office with patients, he taught courses in the UAB Department of
Psychiatry on the theory and practice of psychoanalytic for 18 years, winning multiple teaching awards
from the psychiatric residents.

His approach to therapy combines the biological and psychodynamic understanding of of what it is to be
human. He helps the individual explore their inner psychological life: how they became who they are.
This knowledge is then utilized to help that person embrace their core self including their strengths and
passions. while shoring up their vulnerabilities. The ultimate goal is a more introspective, freer self. The
work is hard and demanding, but the benefits are ongoing for the rest of your life.

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